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‘On the Coast of Dreams’ is an original epic fantasy adventure, graphic novel set in the fictional mysterious world, inspired by our dreams. It is our first graphic novel about abandoning the material world that we live in and accepting other dimensions around us.
112 pages in ENGLISH
Unique fantasy world of dreams
No hero in spandex
Out-of-body experience

What's inside


the story we will follow a journey of a man, whose daughter is trapped in a coma and he has to travel into the world of dreams to get a chance to fight for her life.

In the world of dreams they call him "The Seeker". He encounters a wide variety of individuals and intelligent entities. While some of them try to help him on his way, others want to destroy him.

So not only does he have to fight with his direct enemies, but also with the enemies like fear, hidden deep inside himself. At the same time, his path shows him his own strengths and power, which has always been there; he just didn’t realize how to use it. It is a story of hope, determination and an overcoming of personal limits.

The worst part is that he does not have much time...



(sketches, character designs, work process, behind the scenes, etc.)

Viktor Šauer


Viktor got into creative writing at the age of fifteen. Although he has an Engineers degree in Logistics and has travelled to some great parts of the world, he decided to follow his dreams and instead of a corporate life, he makes his living in the creative industries.

He likes to think about himself as a renaissance man with passion in several domains: he runs the illustration studio profiKOMIKS, and has a hand in the ready-to-eat-meals start-up JAPŮ, He also co-founded an innovative comics start-up, NANITS Universe. He doesn’t eat meat but does swim and walk in barefoot shoes far too much.

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Michael Petrus


Michael was born in Klatovy, in 1986. He first started work as a complete autodidact freelance illustrator and comic artist in 2009 during his studies at Western Bohemia university.

Today Michael also works as a creative director in the illustration studio profiKOMIKS, that he co-founded in 2013, and he has a similar position in a start-up called NANITS Universe, which creates a unique combination of technology and a new digital way of reading comics. Michael’s  work is inspired by artists such as Dave McKean, Cary Nord, Tim Bradstreet and Sean Gordon Murphy. At the present Michael lives in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, and loves legendary post-grunge band, Foo Fighters.

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